What's cooler than an affordable, nimble, efficient mini-campervan? How about a mini-campervan that's also a rugged 4x4 built to travel virtually anywhere? That's the story of the Mitsubishi D:5 Terrain from all-new Scottish brand Campervan Co. With its compact dimensions, selectable 4WD, differential lock and available off-road equipment, the rugged, little Terrain is designed to squeeze through tight spaces and claw over big debris on its way to the destination of your choosing.

The Mitsubishi Delica makes for one of the coolest, little 4x4 camper vans out there, as we learned when we happened upon the older conversion below at Overland Expo a few years ago. Much like a Suzuki Jimny with some added aftermarket kit, a 4x4 Delica's small size, simple design and conspicuous upgrading immediately send one's mind into frenzied "adventures I could have with that" mode.

So it almost goes without saying that an all-terrain Delica camper van also works as a pretty effective way of announcing your presence as a new camper van brand. Campervan Co emerges as part of the rebranding and expansion of Campers Scotland, a camper van rental and conversion company with over a decade in the game. Campervan Co will serve as a one-stop specialty shop dealing in retail conversions, rentals, and service and repair.

Campervan Co's first model is based on an older fifth-generation Delica, not the latest Delica variant Mitsubishi introduced last November. In our opinion, the older styling fits the camper van (and also the regular van) better, avoiding the boxy, oversized "Dynamic Shield" front-end styling that's creeping its way across Mitsubishi's lineup (as seen on the oddly proportioned Expander).

The Terrain comes powered by a 168-hp 2.4-liter straight-four gasoline engine capable of up to 27 mpg (8.7 l/100km). During everyday road driving, the engine powers only the front wheels, but if things get slick or rough, the driver can switch over to 4WD mode to route torque to all four wheels through a limited-slip differential. The driver can also lock the electronic differential, splitting torque equally between all four wheels.

Should the buyer give the say-so, Campervan Co can further bulk the Terrain up with a variety of off-road options, many of which feature on the show model in the pictures. Upgrades on offer include skid plates, a bull bar, rock sliders, off-road tires, a suspension lift and a roof rack.

The Terrain interior is just as impressive as the bright-orange, fully accessorized exterior. Campervan Co squeezes in a folding rear bench/bed, kitchen block and removable table to provide sheltered cooking, dining, relaxing and sleeping. The lower bed combines with the pop-top bed to sleep four people in protected comfort.

Prior to rolling out Campervan Co, Campers Scotland built its reputation on eco-friendly hybrid camper vans, and while the Terrain isn't a part of the "Eco Camper" line, it does benefit from some of the same thoughtful, eco-conscious upfitting. Eco Campers use the gas engine of the base van's hybrid system to keep the battery charged and ready to power the induction cooktop. In this way, the vans eliminate the need for bulky LPG tanks, saving space for other features.

Since the D:5 Terrain doesn't have a hybrid system for charging, Campervan Co equips it with a roof-mounted solar panel to keep the lithium battery charged up. The battery then powers the two induction hobs. A sink, small refrigerator and cabinets fill out the rest of the kitchen block, and a bidirectional stove slide lets campers cook atop the lower induction hob inside or outside.

The removable table provides indoor/outdoor work space during meal prep and works as a dining table between the rear bench and swivel front seats. Other interior features include various storage compartments, USB charging ports and tough flooring built to stand tall against gritty adventure.

The D:5 Terrain and Campervan Co stepped out of the shadows at the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Show earlier this month. Each conversion begins as an imported used Delica and transforms into a versatile, little camper van with a base price of £27,995 (approx. US$36,125). Campervan Co also plans to offer a diesel engine option and has ambitious plans of expanding its distribution globally to Continental Europe, North America and Australia.

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