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MODE multi-zone wall-mounted interface allows you to control your iPod and other multimedia devices from six rooms in your home

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August 23, 2005 America's largest architectural loudspeaker manufacturer SpeakerCraft is preparing to release what it terms MODE (the Music On Demand Experience). MODE is a full-colour, wall-mounted screen interface with a scroll wheel and push button controls, that allows home owners to access and control all of their multimedia equipment, including their iPod, in up to six rooms of the home. MODE will support up to six multimedia devices through the SpeakerCraft MZC (multi-zone control) system, including hard drive music servers, satellite radio, AM/FM radio tuners, and all other sources that respond to infrared commands. The key feature of MODE is its ability to control and display all content stored on your iPod in up to six rooms, a feature not available on any other multi-zone home install system. In addition, MODE's sleek design and interactive display screen strike a perfect balance between style and functionality.

"Having lived with an iPod since its introduction, I have always been thrilled with its ease of use and complete access to music and audio content," explains Jeremy Burkhardt, President of SpeakerCraft. "It is the music server of choice. MODE will now allow people to enjoy the iPod experience throughout their home with the same ease and convenience."

MODE will be available starting in later this year from any SpeakerCraft dealer.

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