Modec electric vehicle debuts in America

Modec electric vehicle debuts ...
Modec zero emission vehicle
Modec zero emission vehicle
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Modec zero emission vehicle
Modec zero emission vehicle
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December 5, 2007 Modec is continuing to expand the market for its electric zero emission vehicles, making its American debut at the 23rd Electrical Vehicle Symposium from December 2-5. The Modec Vehicle is capable of a 100 mile range at up to 50 miles per hour, and with a payload of up to two tons. Impressively, it’s also comparable to diesel vehicles in total cost of ownership – and the lack of tax and congestion charge form a great incentive to fleet companies.

The UK based company opened its factory doors in March, and its compelling approach to alternate energy vehicles, which combines environmental concerns with economic and logistical advantages, has already earned it GreenFleet’s “Electric Vehicle of the Year” award, and a prominent position in the panels and media conference events of EVS 23.

Modec has made brief U.S. appearances at Seattle’s Clean Vehicles Now and Calsart’s Hybrid Truck Users Forum. Although its cameos earned rave reviews and bulked up the company’s waiting list, neither performance was as extensive as its role in EVS 23. For the world’s leading Electric Vehicle Industry event, Modec is displaying a chassis cab and offer the chance to drive a Box Van configuration in the Ride and Drive Event.

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