Life loves to present us with incredible and/or unexpected situations, but unless someone has a camera actively recording, those moments lose the potential for widespread sharing. Mofily is taking aim at people looking to capture just such events. Its pocket-sized YoCam is designed to be an all-in-one camera that can be worn and/or attached to almost any mounting accessory available.

Lifelogging devices offer users a way to record events throughout the day without having to perpetually hustle smartphones or point-and-shoot cameras. Some of the most notable, such as the Narrative Clip 2 and SnapCam, are lightweight enough to securely clip to clothing. However, such designs limit positioning along with the resulting field of view, which is greatly dependent on apparel and the convenience of mounting.

The YoCam is a finger-sized, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi camera that is designed to be portable, versatile, and IP68 waterproof up to 20 ft (6 m). Compared to the latest GoPro Hero4 Session, Mofily's YoCam offers HDR imaging, image/video stabilization, P2P remote connection (e.g. for home camera or baby monitor), and a higher maximum resolution. Users can record video at 2.7k/30fps, with additional options of 1080p/60fps and 720p/120fps. The YoCam is operable through its built-in shutter button, Mofily app, or (optional) Bluetooth remote.

But what makes YoCam attractive and practical is the selection of camera settings and variety of compatible accessories. Users can enable burst-shooting, delayed shots, or continuous photos every 5/10/30/60 seconds for lifelogging. The YoCam is designed to record slow motion, time lapse, and looping video, while the app also provides options to adjust white balance, exposure, rotation, and stabilization. Its 700-mAh rechargeable battery is designed to be capable of up to two hours of continuous recording at 1080p.

Although YoCam comes with a clip and pendant cord for wearing, a selection of optional mounts and/or small adapter provides more utility. A swiveling clamp mount lets the YoCam attach to pockets, clothing, or backpacks while allowing users to adjust angle and orientation. A suction cup transforms the YoCam into a dashcam, and the multi-purpose magnetic mount lets it stick to surfaces or walls as a home camera. The small adapter makes it possible for the YoCam to record from gloves, heads, chests, poles, bars, ropes, handles, and even pets.

The Mofily YoCam is currently funding on Kickstarter, having raised 129 percent of its US$80,000 goal in 11 days, with another 37 days left to go. A pledge of $149 sets you up with one YoCam along with a clip, pendant cord, and USB cable, saving $50 off the planned retail price. Additional mounting accessories are included in the deluxe bundles or as individual add-ons.

Mofily has already created and submitted YoCam engineering samples, however it still needs to validate the waterproof depth, tweak image quality, optimize battery life and wireless connection, and iron out kinks in the mobile app, which plans to be available for both iOS and Android. If production goes according to schedule, backers can expect shipments of YoCam to start as early as March, 2016.

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