If you're going to spend a whole 18 months re-designing the camping spork, you might as well make the world's most badass single outdoor eating/cooking contraption. And that, in the estimation of its creators, is what we're looking at here with the Morsel Spork.

Yes, it's got the forky part, and a cutting edge, and a spoony part. Such things are pedestrian and expected. But unlike a traditional spork, they're not sequestered on one end of the device. The Morsel separates them with a long handle that lets it serve double duty as a cooking tool.

Crucially, it's also better than a spoon. Because it's got a rubber edge that goes round the outside of the spoon and halfway down the handle on one side, giving it the spatula-like capability of scraping things completely clean. There will be no corner of the yoghurt container to hide in, little blob of dairy goodness; the Morsel is coming for you.

It's not just yoghurt cartons, either. The shape's been designed to reach deep into pots, poke into corners, clean off lip edges, and scrape side walls, flat areas and other odd shapes.

It can be dishwashered. It can be boiled. It can be cooked with and eaten with and, to an extent, cleaned with. The Morsel team has truly engineered the bejesus out of the spork here. And as such, it's not cheap. For a spork, at least.

Set to retail at US$13 each, a pledge of $7 on Kickstarter will put you in line for a Morsel Spork come June, or there's volume deals like a 3-pack for US$22 … don't think too long about that one. Either way, looks like a sporking good idea to us.

Check out the video below, and prepare to want a Morsel Spork:

Source: Morsel Spork

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