Segway heads off-road with a pair of electric dirt bikes

Segway heads off-road with a p...
Segway-Ninebot is venturing into off-road territory with its first electric dirt bikes
Segway-Ninebot is venturing into off-road territory with its first electric dirt bikes
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Segway-Ninebot is venturing into off-road territory with its first electric dirt bikes
Segway-Ninebot is venturing into off-road territory with its first electric dirt bikes

It is best known for its self-balancing two wheeler, but these days Segway-Ninebot is about far more than oddball personal mobility machines. Driving the point home at SEMA 2019 in Las Vegas this week, the company has turned up with its first electric dirt bikes, offering thrill seekers a couple of new ways to venture off-road.

Segway has introduced two versions of its Dirt eBike, both of which are billed as part mountain bike, part dirt bike. The X260 is the larger of the two with 19-inch tires, 10.6-inch (27-cm) of ground clearance and 3.3 inches of rear suspension travel (85 mm).

It tips the scales at 55 kg (121.3 lb) and the 5 kW electric motor spins up 184.3 ft lb (250 Nm) of torque (measured at the wheel rather than the motor – there's significant reduction gearing involved). This powers the X260 to a top speed of 75 km/h (46.6 mph). Range, meanwhile, is listed as 120 km (74.6 mi).

The X160 is the smaller sibling and weighs an even more manageable 48 kg (106 lb). It has 17-inch tires, a minimum ground clearance of 8.7 in (22 cm), three inches (7.5 cm) of rear suspension travel and packs a 3 kW motor generating 162.2 ft lb (220 Nm) of torque. Its onboard battery should allow for 65 km (40.4 mi) of off-road range (though these figures will depend heavily on what type of terrain you’re tackling).

Both machines feature electronic throttle control, adjustable front forks and adjustable suspension. They can also be modified with standard motorbike parts.

If this electrified two-wheeler is looking a little familiar to you, then you’re not alone. Segway’s Dirt eBikes carry a strong resemblance to the Sur-Ron Light Bee, which was introduced last year to great success due to its very consumer-friendly $3,000 price point.

Building two of its own electric dirt bikes from what appears to be the same frame has led to some marginal differences in the specs, but Segway is intent on keeping the prices low. The X160 will be priced at $3,000, while the larger X260 will cost $4,500. They will become available in the first quarter of 2020.

Source: Segway-Ninebot

Needs a higher top speed to be competitive. If it could hit 70 or 80, I would consider one for a dual sport. Not that I would be hitting 70 or 80, but less than 50? Not gonna sell well, even for off-road use. My RZR hits 45 in LOW range.
At the projected price, these seem pretty amazing! I’m a little concerned about the power specs, though. The Segway documents clearly show the torque numbers in your write-up, but they are literally ten times the power of the comparable Light Bee. Any thoughts as to whether the Segway is grossly overstating the numbers, or if they’re using some sort of vastly different power transmission?
162 ft lbs. of torque is huge for a bike.
Very interesting. I wonder what the legality is? Is it an off road bike or motorcycle? Street legal where bicycles are allowed?
@guzmanchinky Anything that powers to over 28 MPH and/or has a motor more than 750 watts is considered class 4 which is a moped or motorcycle. I know Luna which sells the very similar Sur Ron offers a pedal kit for it. You could probably legally get away with calling it a moped (or scooter) and not a motorcycle and I'm not exactly sure where the line is between those but it is legally a motor vehicle which is not legal on bicycle trails. I know in the US there is legislation which classify ebikes as not being motor vehicles and generally allow class 1 and class 2 ebikes on bicycle trails. 3 is prohibited too but you might be able to sneak them under the radar at low speeds (I do in "Eco" mode) if they don't read the sticker but class 4 is no bueno.
@minivini: The linked article to the Light Bee says it produces 147 lb-ft at the rear wheel due to the gearing, so this one claiming 162/184 doesn't seem too far fetched. I think you were comparing motor to rear wheel numbers.
So close yet so far away. They didn't list front suspension and the forks look solid! 126km is a short range. And there were no pedals. Yes, with the power and speed, they'll need to be licensed as a moped/MC, but they won't be freeway legal with that top speed. I'd love a Zero FX with lower top speed +less power, and 200mi of range at about the X260 price point.