MOVI offers simple voice control for Arduino projects

MOVI offers simple voice contr...
MOVI adds voice control functionality to Arduino projects
MOVI adds voice control functionality to Arduino projects
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MOVI adds voice control functionality to Arduino projects
MOVI adds voice control functionality to Arduino projects

Arduino is a great platform forthose wanting to get into both software and hardware development, but incorporating voicecommands into these projects is not without its challenges. MOVI is a standalone speech recognition and synthesizer unit with full sentence capability that aims to make this task straightforward.

MOVI, which stands for "My Own Voice Interface," is interesting for anumber of reasons. While most voice recognition systems built intoconsumer devices use cloud-based databases to understand what theuser is saying, MOVI has a 2GB on-board database of up to 200 customizable sentences. Audeme, the company behind MOVI, says it is very easy to program and as an off-grid solution, it also ensures user privacy.

The MOVI Arduino shield is also a speech synthesizer, so developers can build conversations around their platformsand inventions. Audeme says that the device will respond in the sameway to the same sentence every time, no matter who is talking to it.Not only that, but the device has a programmable call sign, meaningthat users can personalize how to refer to the device according totheir project.

The example given on the company's Kickstarterpage for the use of the device is simple yet effective, showing avoice-controlled light switch, in which users can not only tell thedevice to switch the light on or off, but can also tell it to changecolor, or say things like "I’m feeling romantic" or "I wantto relax," at which point the device will adjust the lampaccordingly.

Funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to merge the prototype, which is made out of a number of boards,into one single shield, after which it will be made available in theMaker community.

The MOVI Kickstarter campaign is a whisker away from reaching its $12K goal at the time of writing. A pledge of $80 puts you in line for a Movi shield and if all goes to plan, delivery is expected in early 2016.

The MOVI pitch video is below.

Source: Audeme

MOVI, a standalone speech recognizer shield for Arduino

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