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Multiquick all-in-one food preparation and preservation system

Multiquick all-in-one food preparation and preservation system
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March 9, 2006 We’ve all seen those formulaic television adverts espousing the cleverness of a revolutionary kitchen utensil that slices, dices and numerous accessories that offer so much more functionality. Unfortunately, the in-yer-face marketing style has given many such a clever invention a jaundiced look. Indeed, we had to put our prejudices aside to look at this item because it is the epitome of a “do everything really well” with a “but wait there’s more” killer app thrown in as a kicker.

So we’ll be succinct and straight.

The Braun Multiquick Fresh System is based around a high-performance, variable-speed, 400 watt, hand processor that chops, whisks, slices and dices. The system also comes with a FreshWare container that can go from the oven, to the microwave, to the freezer. The killer app though, is that the processor has a vacuum attachment and when you slot it into the hole in the container you can use it to remove the excess air. So it’s both a food preparation system and a food preservation system that will enable you to safely store food up to three times longer plus a range of other benefits which make it a genuine winner. We can’t think of any reason, given the price, why every kitchen couldn’t justify one of these!

The system preserves food up to three times longer, enables you to re-seal any remaining food and can be used to extract the air out of the container and marinate meat, poultry or fish in just three hours – great if there’s a short-notice meal to be prepared.

In short, it’s a food processor with a very clever vacuum system backed by a good name.It’s all explained here and the prices and number of FreshWare containers in the base package are different in different markets.

Very clever!

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