We have already seen the humble shipping container take on many guises ranging from pop-up hotel rooms to relocatable homes. Here to “cater” for the entrepreneur on the move is the Müvbox portable restaurant. This compact and mobile unit uncovers a fully operational kitchen in around 90 seconds at the touch of a button, and brings an eco-friendly ethos to the table to boot.

The refitted 8ft deep and 20ft long shipping container transforms into a functioning restaurant with room for four staff and a wood fired pizza oven. Covered eating space is provided for up to 28 people (with bistro seating for 14) when the walls of the container are folded back and tables assembled. On top of the 90 second initial deployment, complete installation takes around 15 minutes.

The flagship unit, recently unveiled in Montreal, endeavors to promote sustainability by offering largely local produce from its ‘gourmet fast food’ interior. The mobility of the concept enables the investor to move around with demand for business and the basic design means it can be easily adapted to suit other ideas.

“More and more entrepreneurs are seeking affordable, turnkey concepts that reflect their lifestyle while minimizing the financial risk that can often be associated with new ventures says creator Daniel Noiseux. "The Müvbox meets their criteria: minimum staff, minimum cost, and the advantage of not being attached to a fixed location”.

Aside from being a re-used shipping container, the US$150,000 Müvbox concept has an environmentally friendly floor constructed from recycled tires. Added to this, the roof contains two solar panels which enable the unit to be up to 40% self sufficient in terms of energy use.

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