Modular headphones like AIAIAI's TMA-2 and the t402v from Torque Audio allow listeners to change the look or sound of their earspeakers without having to buy a new pair to suit every whim. Some earphones, such as the Delta IEMs and the T20s, sport filter tips to alter the tuning, but stamping your own personality onto the in-ears is pretty much limited to the color and style of the bud you pop on each nozzle. With the mXers you'll be able to change the sound and the look, and replace worn or broken components, in a snap ... and a twist.

The mXers earphones are made up of four main parts. A hub connector, or splitter, at the Y joint receives a cable ending in a 3.5 mm jack and one cable each for left and right earphones. At one end of each cable is a micro-coax plug that's snapped into the splitter and twisted to lock it in place. All of the modular components will be available in numerous colors and the company also intends to include sound customization options.

mXers Audio says that listeners could create nearly 2,500 different pairs of earphones with its modular system. So if you want red, white and blue mXers, there'll be color options to match your patriotic preference. If you want to swap out the bass-heavy plugs for a more natural tuning, there'll be modules to suit your listening mood. Usefully, a frayed cable or blown driver need no longer result in the purchase of a new pair of earphones – you just buy the part that needs replacing.

The mXers modular earphones are expected to retail for US$49.99, but before that can happen the company has turned to Kickstarter for production funding. Pledges start at $35 for one of four color schemes. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to begin in August.

Check out the pitch video below for more information.

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