NASA has released a half hour video of our Sun in breathtaking 4K detail. The video was created from images and data captured by the agency's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) as it continues its mission to observe solar activity and unlock the mysteries surrounding the interior mechanics of our parent star.

Launched in February 2010 atop an Atlas V-401 rocket, the SDO was designed to capture images of Earth's closest star once every 12 seconds from an inclined geosynchronous orbit. The probe observes the Sun simultaneously in ten wavelengths, each of which monitors a different range of temperatures, allowing astronomers to build up a comprehensive view of our star.

The newly-released video displays solar activity in all ten of the captured wavelengths, each of which is represented in a different color, and serves as a visual representation of NASA's mission to understand Earth's nuclear neighbor.

According to NASA, it took an impressive 300 hours to create the piece, which boasts a quality eight times the resolution of standard HD video.

The full video can be seen below.

Source: NASA