NASA will soon be uploading 6K video clips of the International Space Station (ISS) thanks to the delivery of a RED Epic Dragon super high resolution camera, the same model that was used to shoot Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. In the coming months, the Epic Dragon will bring viewers closer to the space station than ever before.

RED has a pedigree in making imaging devices of a more Earth-bound nature, and the company's newest contribution to the ISS is sure to contribute to the Earth-imaging revolution that has swept across social media in recent months.

The camera, delivered to the ISS in January by the fifth SpaceX resupply mission, represents a significant leap forward in video recording capabilities for the station. The Epic Dragon camera is capable of shooting up to 300 frames per second in 6K quality, (6144 x 3160 pixels) or if needed can scale the resolution down to that of a standard HDTV (1920 x 1080 pixels)

The Epic Dragon super high resolution camera will allow the station's crew to maximize their observations of scientific experiments and close-proximity ISS maneuvers, such as the docking of manned/unmanned spacecraft. The equipment also represents another powerful tool for the agency's already impressive PR machine.

However, on a more basic level NASA is bringing a clearer view of humanity's most isolated outpost, a symbol of international cooperation that belongs to everyone and that will be readily accessible soon in stunning definition to anyone with an internet connection and a 4K-compatible screen.

In June, NASA released a number of videos taken by the Epic Dragon to show off the quality of the new camera. The agency has now released a new, more playful video, showing astronaut Terry Virts watching the results of an effervescent tablet reacting in a floating water bubble. The agency plan to upload more ultra high resolution video to its ReelNASA YouTube channel soon.

Scroll down for a look at NASA's newest Epic Dragon video.

Source: NASA