Pioneer has unveiled its augmented reality NavGate HUD (head-up display), that projects information onto vehicle windscreens at a size equivalent to a 30-inch monitor viewed from about three meters out. Using a Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector attached to the vehicle's sun visor, a driver is able to see information displayed on the windscreen just above the horizon. The NavGate HUD works together with the CoPilot and iGO primo smartphone apps to display directional instructions, places of interest, hazards and other relevant information.

The projected information is shown in high contrast and fully-saturated color within the driver's field of view, ostensibly making it possible to follow directions without having to take one’s eyes off of the road ahead. According to Pioneer, research has shown that the average driver will usually take a full second to read dashboard instruments or to look at a navigational device. By not having to change constantly between near and far sight, less time is required to process information and therefore driving is reportedly both more intuitive and less tiring on the eyes.

“Two essential elements for driving are having a clear view on the road and knowing where you're going. Our NavGate HUD has been designed with both of those ideas in mind, ensuring drivers navigate without losing focus, keeping distractions to a minimum,” says Geert Verhoeven, Car Product Planning Manager at Pioneer Europe. “As it's an aftermarket device, the NavGate HUD mounts right onto the car's sun visor and can easily be removed for theft protection.”

In addition to showing “turn-by-turn” directions, the HUD displays both speed and speed limits, red light and speed camera warnings, distance to the destination, a clock, and your estimated time of arrival. The device also houses light sensors which automatically adjust the brightness of projections based on available light. The HUD will continue to work even when calls are made or received, or music is being played. It connects to your smartphone via a USB cable and will require an in-app purchase to set up.

Information on pricing has not been announced yet, but the NavGate HUD will be available for purchase at Pioneer car audio dealerships this October.

Source: Pioneer

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