"Everyone knows it's Slinky." You might remember this classic line from the Slinky commercials of yore, and now the toy that's designed to topple end-over-end could be making a comeback in the form of Project NESM (Never Ending Slinky Machine), a machine that allows a Slinky to roll on a desk for as long as the user would like it to.

Anyone who owned a Slinky has no doubt tried to make it walk down the stairs to see how far it could go. Depending on the dimensions of the stairs, it might make it down, or it might crash to a halt (and possibly a tangled mess of a Slinky). The team behind this project have reportedly figured out all the math that allows the springy toy to walk end-over-end indefinitely.

The device works via an angled conveyor belt that keeps the slinky moving at the correct speed. It plugs into USB power to keep it running, and it has a speed controller, allowing the user to set the Slinky to walk off the device when he or she is done using it.

Creatables Labs, the company behind Preject NEMS, is seeking funding on Kickstarter. The UK-based firm is seeking £20,000 (US$33,660), and it still has a long way to go before it meets that goal. Backers interested in receiving a Never Ending Slinky Machine in white, black or silver can do so for a minimum pledge of £35 ($59).

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information and shows the device in use.

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