November 12, 2007 Statistics from the International Association for the Study of Pain indicate that one in five people suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain making it is one of the most costly health problems in the US. Traditional treatments have often included ongoing use of medications but much research is being done into alternative therapies such as laser treatment, with new offerings now on the market to assist with the reduction in pain from arthritis, injury or long term soreness.

Multi Radiance Medical has developed breakthrough technology in the field of therapeutic laser devices. Known as TerraQuant, the clinically proven, FDA approved device offers relief to chronic and acute pain sufferers. Combining 25,000 milliwatts of peak power with the world’s fastest super pulsed laser, TerraQuant delivers pulses at billionths of a second, producing a high-energy density that is absorbed deep into the tissue, accelerating pain relief.

TerraQuant safely delivers photons to help heal damaged cells and is the world’s first pain-relief modality to synergistically incorporate multiple therapeutic radiances into one technology. These radiances include super pulsed laser, pulsed infrared, red light and static magnetic field. It allows for deep tissue penetration, from the surface to five inches deep. In a clinical study, TerraQuant was shown to have an 88 percent positive effect in relieving pain caused by arthritis in small and medium joints and is FDA cleared for temporary relief of joint pain and arthritis, muscle spasm and stiffness, for promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and increasing local blood circulation. The system influences the source of pain and provides cells with the light and oxygen needed to increase cellular and vascular activity, as well as stimulate nerve function and rapid cell growth.

In related news, a revolutionary new technique using lasers has been unveiled which could lead to the treatment of viruses such as AIDS and Hepatitis.