Exercising in the dark is something that many of us are forced to do by our perpetually hectic lifestyles. However, that does inevitably mean encountering extra dangers en route, such as uneven pavements and impatient drivers. The 270-degree Shoe Lights from Night Runner are designed to allow you to exercise more safely at night.

The Night Runner Shoe Lights are LED lights that fit onto your trainers, illuminating the path ahead for runners, joggers, walkers, and hikers. They hook onto the shoelaces of footwear using an adjustable bracket that can be positioned exactly as the individual requires. Once fitted, the 75-lumen LED beams provide up to 30 meters (100 ft) of visibility and 270-degree coverage.

The lights – which comprise multiple white LEDs facing forward and a single red one facing backwards – are contained in a bilateral winged housing which is both water-resistant and able to withstand high-impact activities. They're powered by rechargeable li-ion batteries that are charged via a micro-USB port. The batteries should last between four and eight hours, depending on the level of usage.

The Night Runner 270-degree Shoe Lights were created by Doug and Renata Storer, who had the idea after Doug injured himself falling into a pothole while training for the New York Marathon. They're funding the production of the Shoe Lights through a Kickstarter campaign seeking US$35,000, with the money raised paying for tooling and the first round of manufacturing.

A pledge of $50 or more is enough to secure a pair of Night Runner Shoe Lights, if and when the creators deliver on their promises. The estimated delivery date is September 2015, with $15 to ship to anywhere in the world. The video embedded below shows the Shoe Lights in action, as well as the designers discussing the product.

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