We've been singing the praises of the Nintendo Switch since we first got our hands on it in 2017, but there are a couple of little things that could use some improvement. Now, a start-up called Human Things has unveiled a new accessory that fills one of those holes – the Genki Covert Dock, a small device that charges the console and lets players plug it into TVs on the go.

One of the main selling points of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to swap between playing at home on a TV and playing in handheld mode basically anywhere else. The dock that's bundled in with the console does a good job of charging the console and outputting the video to a TV screen, but it's very much made to be left at home.

And while handheld mode is fine, sometimes it would be nice to plug the Switch into another display while you're out and about – be that your friend's TV, or the projector at work.

Rather than dismantle your home entertainment setup and carry the bulky dock and power cable with you, the Genki Covert Dock is designed to be a more portable go-between. It looks like little more than a chunky charger, with fold-out prongs that plug into a power outlet and three ports on the front. Those ports include USB-C, which plugs into the Switch console itself, HDMI, which outputs the video and audio to the display, and USB 3.1, which lets you plug in accessories and controllers.

All up, Human Things says the Genki is just one tenth the size of the regular dock, measuring just 2.4 x 1.7 x 1.3 in (60 x 44 x 33 mm) and weighing just 2.4 oz (69 g).

In case you don't already have one, the company bundles in a USB 3.1 cable to connect the Switch to the Genki. And while the built-in foldable prongs are of course made for US power outlets, an optional Travel Adapter Pack expands that with European, UK and Australian plugs. These slide on over the US prongs while they're in the up position.

The Genki can also be used for other devices besides the Switch. Phones, tablets and laptops can be charged using the USB-C or USB 3.1 ports, and it can even act as a dock for those devices, passing the video and audio through to a larger display via HDMI.

Human Things is seeking funding for the Genki Covert Dock on Kickstarter, where it's already smashed its goal of US$50,000, raising over $815,000 with 31 days remaining on the campaign. Pledges start at $59 for the Dock, or $69 with the global adapters. If all goes to plan, the company hopes to start shipping this December.

The company has also successfully crowdfunded and delivered a previous Switch accessory – the Genki Audio, which lets users connect Bluetooth headphones to the console.

Check out the Genki Covert Dock in the video below.

Source: Human Things

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