Not content with the Nürburgring records the GT-R already holds, Nissan has used a heavily modified version of the car affectionately known as Godzilla to break the record for the world's-fastest drift. Piloted by Japanese Drift Champion, Masato Kawabata, the 1,380-hp (1,029-kW) Nissan stole the record from Poland's Jakub Przygoński.

It might look like a GT-R from the outside, but the record-breaking Nissan is far from standard. Instead of the 421 kW (565 hp) produced by the recently-refreshed GT-R, Kawabata's GReddy-prepared car channeled a monstrous 1,029 kW (1,380 hp) to the rear tires. Special tires from Toyo enabled the car to get sideways at silly speeds without shredding its rubber, while RAYS supplied unique light alloy wheels for the attempt.

Using Fujairah International Airport's 3-km (1.86-mi) runway, the Nissan team managed a drift angle of 30 degrees at 304.96 km/h (189.49 mph), outdoing the previous record set by Przygoński in 2013 in a Toyota GT86 by 87 km/h (54 mph).

A video of the GT-R breaking the record is below.

Source: Nissan

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