Electric camper vans have so far existed only as concepts, one-offs or limited edition conversions, but now one of the biggest authorities in electric vehicles is stepping into the game with its own electric camper van. At last month's Madrid Motor Show, Nissan showed a new pair of NV camper vans and announced an e-NV200 camper van to go along with them. Whether you fill up with gas or juice up with electricity, Nissan's new camper vans are a smart, compact way of touring country and continent.

Nissan announced the first deliveries of its new extended-range 40-kWh e-NV200 van in Madrid, the same day it showed the new camper vans. It would seem Nissan sees the boosted 124-mile (200-km) combined range (WLTP) as sufficient to experiment with a camper van version. The new e-NV200s are built in Barcelona, and the camper van version is being launched in the Spanish market.

The e-NV200 is clearly the most interesting in Nissan's new camper van lineup, but Nissan shows gas NV200 and NV300 models in its photos while stating that the modifications will also be available for the e-NV200.

Nissan has revealed the most information about the larger NV300 model, which features a compact but efficient layout that includes a pop-up sleeper roof, standing height interior, kitchen block with stove, sink and refrigerator, removable table that attaches to the kitchen block, swivel front seats, interior heating, and gas and water systems. There are also floor rails for more flexibility in positioning the rear bench.

Of the e-NV200/NV200, Nissan mentions only that it offers a folding-seat bed, cabin heating and window shades.

Nissan does say that Spain's Bram Technologies is its conversion partner in creating the vans. Bram offers both a "Weekender" sleeper package and a "Pacific" full camper (includes kitchen) for the e-NV200.

Available equipment and specs may vary between Bram's packages and the official Nissan campers, but for reference, Bram's Pacific kit includes folding rear bench and pop-up roof beds, an electrical system with AGM battery, 12V outlets and USB ports, a 40L fridge/2L freezer, an optional Webasto heater and an optional 140-W solar panel.

Nissan isn't the first to have an e-NV200 camper van, as British conversion shop Hillside Leisure developed its Dalbury E several years ago. It will be interesting to see if the broader reach of Nissan's name and dealership network helps to popularize the idea of an all-electric camper van or if electrics remain a forgotten fraction of a sliver of the camper market. We imagine we'll still have to wait for the production Volkswagen I.D. Buzz to really see electric camper vans take off.

The Nissan e-NV200, NV200 and NV300 camper vans are launching only in Spain for now and will be available with a variety of customization options at Nissan dealerships there.

Source: Nissan

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