Nissan used the LA Auto show as an excuse for a bit of Star Wars fan service this year, taking a bunch of Rogues, Altimas and Maximas and letting Lucasfilm's design artists tart them up into Star Wars-style spaceships. But it doesn't stop there, with Star Wars-themed augmented reality displays rolling out at showrooms across North America.

The show cars celebrate Nissan's collaboration with Lucasfilm in the lead up to December's release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Lucasfilm team's designs were sent over to Vehicle Effects in Burbank to be built by the same guys that built the recent Ecto-1 for the reboot of Ghostbusters, as well as coordinating cars for a whole bunch of Fast and Furious movies.

They've done a great job, with cute references everywhere, from the familiar shape of the X-wing with BB-8 poking his head out, to a Kylo Ren-styled Maxima that just reeks of Sith energy.

That's not the only Star Wars tie-in for fans this holiday season, mind you – Nissan dealers across North America will be running a fun augmented reality promotion for the Rogue, Maxima and Titan in the lead-up to Christmas.

Showroom visitors will have the chance to put on AR headgear and activate an experience in which Star Wars characters show you around the safety features of each vehicle.

It's not world-changing or highbrow stuff here, it's a crass cross-promotional marketing campaign, but it's a good one. Take a look through the gallery for a bunch of photos.

Source: Nissan

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