A quieter, more enoyable ride could be just around the corner with the development of a self-lubricated, low-friction rubber formulation that helps overcome noise caused by certain automotive applications.

Global company Trelleborg Automotive, a provider of comfort solutions to the automotive industry, has introduced Trelleborg Noise-Free Rubber; a self-lubricated, low-friction rubber formulation that the company says overcomes noise issues associated with certain automotive applications.

The company claims the new rubber formulation delivers noise reductions and improved dynamic properties in suspension bushings, engine mounts and anti-roll bar isolators, while increasing durability by around 50 percent.

“Thanks to its ability to lower the friction coefficient of the rubber surface, sound that would otherwise be produced when rubber meets painted or other rubber surfaces, is prevented,” Wade Singler, Technical Manager at Trelleborg Automotive.

Trelleborg Automotive is a global supplier of polymer-based acoustic solutions for automotive applications.

These include improved dynamic properties while reducing noise in specific anti-vibration system components, such as anti-roll bar isolators, suspension bushings and engine mounts. The product has also been engineered to meet stringent fatigue requirements, the result of which is an increase in durability of around 50 percent.

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