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Nokia 7600 puts new spin on 3G phone design

Nokia 7600 puts new spin on 3G phone design
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Saturday September 27, 2003

Nokia has unveiled a fresh design and added video capture with audio to the imaging capabilities of it latest mobile handset - the Nokia 7600. The "leaf" shaped device is arranged like a small portable game-pad, with the screen in the centre and buttons aligned vertically on either side-for "double-thumb" input and much of the 87mm x 78 mm surface area reserved for the 65,000 colour screen.

The device can operate in GSM900/1800 as well as WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) networks and captures still pictures and videos with audio of up to 2.5 minutes each . Using the WCDMA network, it is possible to send and receive video clips and pictures even during a phone call and download rich content such as real-time music videos or television news.

The 7600 also features MP3 playback - up to 50 minutes of music can be saved on the internal memory - and data can be transferred to the unit via infrared, Bluetooth or USB connection as well as via the Internet.

Nokia 7600 is expected to be available in volume in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific in Q4 2003.

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