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Nokia 7710 offers handwriting recognition

Nokia 7710 offers handwriting recognition
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November 8, 2004 The Nokia 7710 shown for the first time last week offers both pen input and handwriting recognition and an eBook reader on a widescreen display featuring 640x320 pixels and 65k colours. The 7710 also includes a full Internet browser, an integrated music player with stereo audio, an extensive set of video features such as Real Player playback, streaming and recording and a megapixel camera with 2-x digital zoom and a FM radio with Visual Radio client. Listeners will be able to see information on the song and artist currently playing on the radio or participate in competitions.

On top of all that the Nokia 7710 has support for push email based on Smartner solution, VPN client, free user memory of up to 90 MB plus 128 MB on the included MultiMediaCard (MMC), as well as a full complement of personal information management features, an on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition. The Nokia 7710 runs on the Symbian OS and has 6.6 hours talk time and 11 days standby time. The connectivity options include a Pop-Port(TM) connector with USB and Bluetooth wireless technology for easy data transfer and PC synchronization.

The ability to consume, share and create media as well as using the extensive smartphone features - all on a fantastic display - makes the Nokia 7710 a compelling mobile multimedia device", said Richard Sharp, Vice President, Rich Media, Nokia. "The wide touch screen makes using applications, such as the Time Out Mobile City Guide, World Mate and personal publishing, a very enjoyable experience."

The Nokia 7710 also takes weblogging mobile. With the moblog client, bloggers can upload images and text to their personal blog. The PhotoBase and drawing board applications offer the user versatile image editing functionalities such as crop, zoom, rotate and flip. Users can even write or draw on top of the images they have taken with the Nokia 7710 or draw their own pictures.

The preinstalled eBook reader also lets users enjoy electronic copies of their favorite titles. The eBook reader makes it possible to purchase or download eBooks from the retail site The Nokia 7710 will also support the Nokia Streamer SU-22 accessory, which will be used in DVB-H mobile TV pilots in a variety of countries around the world.

The Nokia 7710 works on GSM/GPRS/EGPRS 900/1800/1900 networks, with shipments in Asia and China planned to begin in the fourth quarter, 2004 and Europe in the first quarter, 2005.

The price is still to be determined but with the massive increase in functionality the 7710 should be a popular addition to the Nokia stable and help re-establish an edge in the fast evolving handheld/ mobile market.

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