The iOS version of Nokia's cloud-based mapping service has been released on Apple's App Store. The service boasts a number of compelling features and undoubtedly aims to capitalize on the problems encountered by iPhone and iPad owners while using Cupertino's own Maps app.

Nokia Here provides access to all of the company's mapping data, regardless of the platform you're using. The web-based version has been available for use since the announcement on November 13th (compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari), and you can even fire up the service on devices running Android 2.2 and up.

In addition to the iOS app, users can access Here from PCs and mobile devices running Android 2.2+

The iOS app, based on HTML5, offers some compelling functionality, including the ability to save a geographical area for offline use and voice-guided walking directions. The service will also feature public transport directions, as well as the company's Collections service, which lets users save their favorite locations to a personal account. Lastly, Nokia has included a Community View feature which allows users to see (you guessed it) community-sourced information about the local area in addition to the company's own offering.

The release of the service on Apple's iOS is significant due to the negative reaction to the company's own Maps app. An upgrade to iOS 6 removed the popular Google Maps app from user's iPhone or iPad, replacing it with Apple Maps, the quality and accuracy of which fell short of what consumers have come to expect from Cupertino's products.

Nokia has also partnered with Mozilla, and plans to bring a mobile web version of the maps service to the company's Firefox OS sometime in 2013.

Source: Nokia via Engadget

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