Despite fully embracing Windows Phone 8, and manufacturing the Lumia 910 to best show-off Redmond’s fledgling mobile operating system, Nokia isn’t ready to give up on Windows Phone 7 quite yet. The Lumia 510 (which runs Windows Phone 7.5) is a new budget-friendly cellphone set to appear in emerging markets such as India and China, and it's billed as the company's most affordable Windows Phone Lumia device to date.

Pouring over Nokia’s promotional material for the Lumia 510, it's immediately apparent that this particular handset is not at the cutting edge of technology, with no LTE, PureView camera or large storage options in sight. Instead, we’re offered an underwhelming 256 MB RAM, 4GB internal storage (no SD Card), a 5-megapixel camera, and a 4-inch 800 x 480 screen.

Having said that, the Lumia 510 should still prove to be up to the job of performing as a web-ready smartphone capable of taking some photos and checking Facebook on the move. The addition of Nokia's usual suite of apps, which includes Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport, in addition to 7 GB free SkyDrive Storage, all add significant value too, and are perhaps enough to make this handset more attractive than other similarly priced models.

The Nokia Lumia 510 is available in red, yellow, cyan, white, and black. The company estimates the retail price will be around US$199, and cite the release date as November in India and China, to be closely followed by other Asia-Pacific countries and South America.

The video below features a Nokia exec giving the rundown on the Lumia 510's features.

Source: Nokia

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