Head-up displays, or HUDs, are claimed to make driving much safer and easier – instead of looking away from the road and shifting their focus to the dashboard console, drivers just need to glance at an unobtrusive display projected onto their view of the road. NUVIZ now wants to bring HUD technology to motorcyclists, in the form of its Ride:HUD helmet system.

One of the things that makes Ride:HUD stand out is the fact that it's designed to be added to existing full-face helmets. Some other motorcycle HUD systems, such as those being developed by Skully, LiveMap and Reevu, are built into helmets that replace the rider's existing brain bucket.

The main Ride:HUD unit is attached to the chin bar of the helmet, via an adhesive-backed quick-release mount – this allows the device to be taken off when not needed, or transferred between helmets. Its translucent liquid-crystal-on-silicone screen sits in the rider's lower right-hand field of view, where it reportedly doesn't get in the way.

Information displayed on the screen can include basic riding stats (speed, distance traveled, etc.), navigation maps/directions and weather maps, plus incoming calls and music library access on a paired Android or iOS phone. That phone also serves as the brains of the device, via the Ride:CLOUD app.

The unit additionally has a built-in HD camera, so it can shoot POV stills or video. In order to do things like switching between screens, riders use a simple push-button Bluetooth controller that is mounted in an easy-to-reach location such as the top of their gas tank.

While Ride:HUD is being promoted as "the world’s first Head-Up Display for motorcycle helmets," it in fact is not. Even if you don't count the earlier-mentioned systems that are built into helmets, Motion Research Corporation has already been offering its add-on SportVue system for several years. BikeSystems is also taking preorders on its BikeHUD, although it uses a tiny opaque screen as opposed to a see-through projected display.

The NUVIZ team is currently raising production funds for Ride:HUD, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$479 will get you a unit, when and if they're ready to go. More information is available in the pitch video below.

Sources: NUVIZ, Kickstarter

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