Getting some members of the public to keep up with new technology can be almost as difficult as getting your brand to cut through in the ultra competitive Internet marketplace. Australian online electronics retailer Kogan is attempting to kill those two birds with one stone by implementing an "Internet Explorer 7 Tax" on customers who use the outdated browser when they make purchases.

Kogan argues that continuing to support the six-year-old browser only hinders its ability to offer low prices and conduct business efficiently. By adopting this new policy, the company hopes to set an example and draw attention not only to itself, but also to the fact that it needs to waste time ensuring its site appears correctly in IE7.

The tax will equal 6.8 percent of the total cost, or 0.1 percent for each month since IE7 was released. Any customer attempting to make a purchase on IE7 will see a tongue-in-cheek pop-up with an explanation of the tax and several links to download more recent browsers so they can avoid the extra expense. Shoppers can also simply upgrade to a current version of Internet Explorer.

Kogan has a history of innovative marketing ploys that have generated a lot of interest for minimal outlay. This latest move may just be the company’s best yet, having garnered attention from websites worldwide. Whether that translates to sales is another matter but if the company folds as an online electronics retailer, we’d suggest a move into online marketing.

Source: Kogan

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