Almost anyone who owns a dog will tell you that they love it unconditionally. However, I think they would also agree that dogs have some unpleasant odors from time to time. Many of these odors originate from the K9’s mouth – imagine how badly your mouth would smell if you only brushed your teeth every year or so when you paid a visit to the veterinarian. The Orapup is designed to clear up bad dog breath by cleaning the tongue.

Most dogs are not going to tolerate being held down and having their tongue cleaned, so the device was designed in a way that allows the dog to essentially clean their own tongue by licking the Orapup.

Dr. Robert K. Wagstaff, the inventor, tested a number of handles for the Orapup, and the final version is designed to be comfortable for you to hold whole your dog licks away. It allows you to hold it in a vertical position, which forces the dog to extend its tongue further to lick the device. This allows the most surface area to be cleaned, and in theory, will cause your dog's breath to smell much better.

The bristles on the Orapup are made of ultra-soft material that is designed to clean into the crevices of the tongue and loosen bacteria. According to Dr. Wagstaff, he “borrowed the bristle design from the surgeon's scrub brush, the same special bristles surgeons use to clean bacteria from their hands before they cut you open.”

In between the bristles are four scrapers. These collect the bacteria the brushes remove. They're designed to be obscure enough to not annoy the K9 and powerful enough to pull away the dirt and grime from the dog’s mouth.

The Orapup comes with a tube of flavored gel that you place on the device to keep your dog licking. After testing various flavors, Wagstaff ended up finding the most success with beef. The ingredients in the gel are FDA approved. The flavoring also helps fight tartar and has natural enzymes that neutralize the dog’s mouth. This is supposed to help fight future bad breath.

One thing to note is this will not make your dog’s breath smell minty. It is designed to clean away bad breath-causing bacteria and leave their mouth as odor free as possible, but it does not replace the odor with a minty smell.

Wagstaff is currently raising production funds for the Orapup, on Indiegogo. Currently, a pledge of at least US$12 will get you one, when and if the funding goal is met. After the early backer special ends, the Orapup will go for $15, which is also the price it will retail for when it hits stores in 2013. This includes one Orapup, five flavor packs and two of the company's other product, the Orabrush, which is the same idea, but for humans. If all goes as planned, Wagstaff hopes to get the Orapups to backers by Christmas of 2012.

The video below offers more details on the product.

Source: Indiegogo

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