Sometimes you may want to keep a digital record of your notes or sketches. If you haven't got access to a computer or you'd simply prefer to use a pen, however, digitizing your content can be problematic. The new Orée Stylograph pen, however, will digitize what you write or draw as you go.

The Stylograph is the latest pen to have built-in digital note-taking functionality, with other offerings such as the Livescribe and the Neo Smartpen N2 already on the market. Indeed, the Stylograph's appearance isn't dissimilar to that of the Neo. Despite that, however, there's no doubt that, looks-wise, it is a cut above.

Like the Neo, the Stylograph has a triangular-shaped body with curved corners. This shape is said to be ergonomically considered so as to be comfortable for the user to hold. The pen casing is formed of copper, which makes the design look all the more striking and premium.

A leather-covered A5 notepad accompanies the pen. The pad contains 192 pages of specially patterned paper, and is refillable. The pattern on the paper allows the pen to sense how it is moving and to record the text or image shapes that the user is creating. While the pen could be used to write without the special paper, it would not be possible to digitize its output.

According to Orée, the Stylograph can be used for up to two full days, recording the user's writing or drawings on its internal storage. Once ready, the user can transfer the stored content to a mobile device via Bluetooth, after which the accompanying iOS or Android app offers a variety of functionality including editing, converting to different formats, sharing with others and exporting to third-party services like Google Drive or Evernote.

The Stylograph is charged via Micro USB and it comes with a 0.7-mm (0.03-in) ballpoint cartridge for which refills are widely available. It will be available for pre-order online and at selected retailers from September.

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