Many foldable boat designs have passed through the pages of Gizmag over recent years – the Quickboat, the Foldaboat, the Adhoc and others. The Oru origami-style kayak seemed to be the one to make the biggest splash (yeah, bad pun), raising close to $450K (5x its goal) on Kickstarter and earning all kinds of media and industry attention, including a 2014 ISPO Product of the Year award. Rather than resting on its accomplishments, Oru has been listening to feedback and tweaking its foldable design, resulting in the all-new Bay+.

As the name suggests, the Bay+ incorporates the same basic construction and 12-foot packaging as the original Oru, now renamed the Bay, adding a couple of "plus" features. The headline feature is a new adjustable seat with heightened backrest designed to make on-water time more comfortable, especially on extended, cramp-inducing trips. Ratchet buckles make the estimated five-minute assembly even smoother. Storage capabilities are enhanced with more deck rigging and a waterproof day hatch. A new custom-print graphic adds a little extra visual appeal.

Outside of the extra comfort, carry capacity and cosmetics, the Bay+ is the same Oru design that's been earning attention and accolades. It's made from pre-folded, double-layer Coroplast that folds down to become its own carry case. The idea is that you can store your kayak in a cramped apartment, slide it in the trunk of your subcompact and shoulder it to water's edge, where you set it up and get paddling. The foldable design also makes the kayak far more portable than other vessels, allowing it to travel easily via airplane, bus, foot and other means.

The 28-lb (12.7-kg) Bay+ is 2 pounds (.9 kg) heavier than the Oru Bay and its 32 x 29 x 13-in (81 x 33 x 71-cm, L x W x H) case is an inch (2.5 cm) higher.

We're not sure the new Oru's upgrades warrant a US$300 price bump, but if you don't mind spending a little extra for the best boat the company offers, the Bay+ is available now for $1,495. If you'd rather save the money, Oru still sells the original Bay for $1,195.

Source: Oru Kayak

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