It was back in 2012 that we first heard about the Oru, a touring kayak that can be folded up origami-style when not in use. Well, after releasing a couple of other solo-paddler models in the intervening years, its makers have now unveiled the two-person Oru Haven.

Like its predecessors, the Haven is made mainly from a single sheet of 5-mm corrugated polypropylene. Tipping the scales at 41 lb (19 kg), it can be folded down into a square portfolio-like form when in transit or storage.

Once it's time to hit the water, though, it can be unfolded and assembled into … well, into a tandem kayak. The setup process takes a claimed 10 minutes, and is facilitated by interlocking color-coded straps and buckles that hold everything together.

A color coding system also shows users where to install the seats and footrests. That said, if a single person wishes to kayak by themselves, they can remove one seat and reposition the other, converting the Haven into a solo boat. There's also a rail system running along both sides of the kayak, allowing users to attach items such as a portage carrying strap, fishing gear or cup holders.

The Haven should reportedly be good for up to 20,000 fold cycles, and can carry a maximum payload of 400 lb (181 kg). It's also UV-protected, and is claimed to be capable of withstanding being slid over rocks.

If you're interested in getting one, it will be the subject of an Indiegogo campaign launching on Sept. 17th. Its planned retail price is US$2,299, although discounts are available to people who sign up early, via the link below.

Source: Oru

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