Mostly known for its wide range of protective smartphone and tablet cases, OtterBox has slowly been broadening its product range into the outdoor market. Following up from the rugged Venture coolers released last year, OtterBox has now launched two new soft coolers designed to be easily carried, with one model even coming with straps enabling it to be lugged around like a backpack.

The Trooper soft coolers come in two models, both featuring premium thermal insulation. OtterBox suggests these soft coolers can keep ice for over 3 days, which of course isn't as long as a solid cooler, but is pretty substantial for such a portable, fabric-based cooler and it's entirely sufficient for short camping trips or day missions to the beach.

The smaller Trooper 20 has a capacity of 20 quarts (approx. 20 l) and weighs 6.49 pounds (2.9 kg). It has a flip-top lid and is easily slung over the shoulder with a 2-inch wide padded strap.

The Trooper LT 30 is a little more interesting, with a 30 quart capacity and a large mouth opening offering wide and easy access. The Trooper LT 30 also can function as a cooler backpack with built in straps enabling it to alternate between over-the-shoulder carry and a backpack. This model is only marginally heavier at 6.69 pounds.

Both models are rated IP-65 so while you can get them relatively wet you don't want to be fully submersing them in water. As an extra helpful design feature they come with an additional bottle opener. The Trooper 20 and LT 30 prices start at US$249 and $299, and they come in three separate colors – Hazy Harbor (white and blue), Alpine Ascent (tan and green) and Forest Edge (Realtree Xtra camo).

Source: OtterBox

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