Smartphone-controlled Nao+ headlamp offers personalized lighting on the fly

Smartphone-controlled Nao+ hea...
Petzl adds Bluetooth connectivity to its Nao headlamp
Petzl adds Bluetooth connectivity to its Nao headlamp
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Petzl adds Bluetooth connectivity to its Nao headlamp
Petzl adds Bluetooth connectivity to its Nao headlamp
The MyPetzl Light app lets you control light settings
The MyPetzl Light app lets you control light settings

The "world's smartest headlamp" is getting smarter. Petzl introduced its reactive Nao headlamp back in 2012 and has now returned with an upgrade, the Nao+. The new model packs more than double the lumens of the original Nao and features smartphone integration to give you greater control over lighting when you're on-the-go.

The big selling point of the original Nao is its reactive lighting technology, which uses a sensor to measure ambient light and auto-adjust the pattern and intensity of the beam to match. The basic idea is you get a wide, low-light beam when looking at a map but a bright, focused beam with long throw when you're looking into the dark distance.

The original Nao also has accompanying software to allow users to tweak lighting settings and create different lighting profiles for different sports. That software only does those users good when they're geeking out on the flashlight at home, not when they're actually out doing what they do in the dark.

Enter the Nao+. The new and improved Nao not only enjoys a substantial output boost to 750 lumens, it also includes Bluetooth for connecting to your smartphone. Pop open the MyPetzl Light app and you can see remaining battery life, switch brightness settings and beam pattern, adjust burn time, and turn the reactive lighting feature on and off. You can download and create sport profiles on the move, instead of having to wire up to a computer ahead of time.

The MyPetzl Light app also includes an SOS feature, allowing the user to type an emergency message into his or her phone and relay it via the light of the headlamp.

The Nao+ is powered by a rechargeable 2,600-mAh lithium-ion battery that is worn on the back of the head strap or on a belt. The battery includes a built-in red light to increase visibility and charges via microUSB.

The Nao+ might have more tech than you need from a headlamp and it'll probably have a higher cost than you want as well. Petzl hasn't listed Nao+ pricing yet, but the older Nao's current sticker of US$185 gives you an idea. The Nao+ will launch in October 2016.

Source: Petzl

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I hate toys that require a "Smart Phone" I do not own a cellphone,I mean a "smart phone" I have a tiny Assurance cell phone the screen is 1.375inches X 1.25inches...I can hold it totally in my hands and cover it completely....talk and text only......its' free but,its' a "stupid phone"......