Google has announced a partnership with Adobe to bring its Creative Cloud services to the Chrome OS platform. The first product available will be popular image editing software Photoshop, with more programs coming soon.

If you're aware of Google's Chrome OS platforms then you'll know that it's designed to work in the cloud. While this is fine if you're a casual consumer, using your Chromebook for web-surfing and word processing, its not so great if you're the creative sort who needs access to high-powered programs.

Well it's good news if you're interested in picking up one of the (mostly) low-cost machines but fall into the latter category, as Google today announced a partnership with Adobe to bring its Creative Cloud programs and services to Chromebooks.

Initially, this will consist of a version of image editing software Photoshop designed specifically for the platform. The Chrome OS program will be streamed from the cloud and fully integrated into Google Drive. Given the low-powered nature of the machines, this certainly makes sense as it requires little new development for the platform and takes the processing strain off the machine itself. According to Adobe, you’ll also be able to access the service from the Chrome browser in Windows.

The program will initially be made available to US-based Creative Cloud educational subscribers. If you qualify for the initial release, then you can sign up for the service now. Application acceptance is expected to take three to four weeks.