When it comes to electronic devices that remind us to take our pills, we've already seen some relatively large dispensers that do the job. Pillsy, however, takes a different form. It consists of a regular-sized pill bottle with a "smart" cap, that wirelessly communicates with an iOS/Android app on your smartphone.

Users start by transferring their medication or vitamins to the Pillsy bottle, then using the app to input the dosing schedule. From there, the Pillsy cap will flash and beep when it's time to take a pill. Additionally, it will warn the user if they accidentally try to take an extra dose.

If the user misses a dose, a reminder will be sent to their phone in their choice of a lockscreen notification, text message or voice message. Should they not be near their pills at the time, the user can instruct the app to re-remind them when they get back within Bluetooth range of the bottle.

The Pillsy cap automatically tracks how many pills have been taken and on what days, without requiring the app to be opened. If the user wants to check their medication history for themselves, however, they can do so on the app. That app will additionally let them know if a loved one located elsewhere has missed a dose, assuming that person is using a Pillsy bottle.

The device is powered by a coin cell battery that should be good for a year of use, and is available in two versions – a medication bottle with a childproof cap, and a vitamin bottle with a screw cap. They're currently both priced at US$39, although that price will double once the introductory period ends on May 6th.

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