Pioneer makes AVIC in-car navigation easier on the eye

Pioneer makes AVIC in-car navi...
Pioneer AVIC-X in-car navigation
Pioneer AVIC-X in-car navigation
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Pioneer AVIC-X in-car navigation
Pioneer AVIC-X in-car navigation

Concentrating on improved functionality, visual clarity and ease-of-use for the driver, Pioneer Electronics' latest update to its AVIC range of navigation systems offer a variety of screen views, pop-up highway signs for major junctions, on-screen info designed for ‘at-a-glance’ reading and more than 1300 3-D icons of major landmarks.

Both new models, the AVIC-X710BT and AVIC-X910BT, feature Map View Modes which allow various screen views including a 3D map mode, 2D North Up and a new 2D Heading Up mode (for those who prefer a map to align with the direction the car is traveling).

Simulated Highway Sign Boards pop up as major intersections approach, providing both a quick visual aid for navigation and forewarning of which lane the driver will need to move into.

The map interface is also easier to use, with key information layered at the top of the map in a larger font and fewer lines. Additionally, more than 1,300 major buildings and landmarks are automatically displayed as 3D icons to help drivers faster identify where they are.

On the entertainment side, both AVIC-X models also feature voice control for compatible iPods, iPhones and compatible Bluetooth cell phones. Once synched, a driver can simply command, “Play the Black Eyed Peas” or “Call home” and the system will automatically respond.

The Pioneer AVIC-X710BT and AVIC-X910BT have suggested retail prices of USD$900 and USD$1,100 respectively.

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