Pioneer has just revealed the DDJ-SX, which is the first four-channel DJ controller to use Serato's advanced DJ software. In fact, according to Pioneer, everything about this unit was designed specifically with Serato in mind – everything from the design of the unit itself to the trigger pads and controls were made to work with it. The device comes bundled with Serato, so DJs won't need to purchase anything else.

Pioneer is touting this unit as having professional build quality, so it should be able to stand up to the road life that many DJs endure. DJs tend to have to set up and break down their equipment in a hurry, so a unit that can withstand those rigors is important. With a price tag of US$1,199, it better be made well.

The DDJ-SX has some other useful features for professional DJs, such as a duel deck. This feature is important for scratching and setting hot queues on both tracks at the same time. It also includes slip mode, which we have seen on the release of the CDJ-2000nexus.

Pioneer's newest DJ controller also comes equipped with oversized jog wheels for more precise scratching and mixing. There are multiple inputs, which compliment the device's four-channel capability. The controller also features single and multiple FX mode, and the ability to set up eight different queue points on each deck.

The DDJ-SX ships in November at the aforementioned price. The video below provides more information directly from Pioneer.

Source: Pioneer

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