Pioneer gives DJs more mixing control with five-in-one DJM-5000

Pioneer gives DJs more mixing ...
Fully-featured and rack-mountable, the DJM-5000 has plenty to offer (Photo: Business Wire)
Fully-featured and rack-mountable, the DJM-5000 has plenty to offer (Photo: Business Wire)
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Fully-featured and rack-mountable, the DJM-5000 has plenty to offer (Photo: Business Wire)
Fully-featured and rack-mountable, the DJM-5000 has plenty to offer (Photo: Business Wire)

Pioneer Electronics is a name synonymous with innovation in the DJ industry. The company's latest offering is no exception, the DJM-5000 – an audio mixer designed specifically for the growing number of mobile DJ’s and entertainers. It incorporates five products into one neat package; an audio interface, MIDI controller, microphone effecter, audio processor and second zone mixer, which gives users much greater control over their performances and cuts back on the amount of gear they need to carry around as their requirements grow and change.

Multi-zone control

The DJM-5000 has two output modes, standard and multi-zone. In standard mode, all four audio outputs are directed to one area. In multi-zone mode, however, the mixer's outputs can be assigned to multiple audio sources and directed to two different rooms/areas. For example, a DJ can be mixing between two records for a main dance floor area, while at the same time playing more relaxed music from an MP3 player in a bar area. Voice-overs/performances from the microphone inputs can also be selected to transmit to either of the two zones independently or simultaneously.

Advanced talk-over

Pioneer says this industry-first feature on the DJM-5000 operates like a normal talk-over function on most mixers, but attenuates the midrange (vocal) frequencies of the music rather than drop its overall volume level. The amount of attenuation for this feature is also controllable to two levels via a knob on the front panel of the unit. The microphone section of the mixer also offers four different effects – reverb, echo plus verb, octave and pitch.

Audio processing

Like the DJM-800 and 1000 mixers, the DJM-5000 enhances the audio quality and output options by utilizing a 96kHz/24-bit analogue to digital converter and 32-bit DSP processing. It also employs a simplified (shorter) signal path from input to output stage, reducing internal interference and maintaining signal integrity.

For DJ’s using compressed music formats like MP3, the DJM-5000 also offers an audio processor called Sound Maximiser, designed to enhance the high and low frequencies that compressed music formats lack, (not to be confused with the standard EQ.) The Dynamics processor boosts the low frequencies by up to an extra 8dB, and the Clarity function boosts the mids up to the same level. This helps considerably with recordings that sound flat or are lacking bass (which includes a lot of music recorded in the 1980s - retro DJs take note!)

Enhanced control and connectivity

The DJM-5000 is also equipped with a six-channel USB audio interface (grouped into three stereo pairs.) This provides direct connection of the mixer via USB to a computer for audio transmission/recording. As an extension of this, the DJM-5000 also can transmit MIDI data via USB, which means the parameters of 61 of the 73 buttons, knobs and faders can transmit MIDI control data. While this is handy for connecting to a computer to control MIDI compatible DJ software and music applications, there’s no actual MIDI (in/out) ports for direct connection to other gear without the need for a computer. Although this isn’t ideal, it is a forgivable omission on a product that’s otherwise very well featured.

Packed into the same neat, (5U)rack-mount package of the DJM-5000 are two digital inputs (for CD turntables,) a three-band EQ on each channel (low, mid and high adjustable from -26dB to +6dB,) cross-fader assignment of channels and cross-fader curve adjustment. The DJM-5000 has a suggested retail price of USD$1,275 and will be available in October 2009.

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