High-resolution projectors have been getting smaller, cheaper and more powerful in recent years, but the Piqo, which has raised over 70 times its Indiegogo target, offers 1080p resolution, 240-inch maximum screen size, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity in a 2.25-inch cube that's somehow half the price of a fairly ordinary TV.

At 200 lumens of brightness, the Piqo's certainly not going to make a bright big screen in a day-lit room like more expensive gear such as Epsom's Home Cinema 4010, which does 4K vision, downsampled to 1080p, at 2,400 lumens. But that thing's bigger than a phone book, to choose an utterly irrelevant late-noughteens size comparison, and it costs US$2,000.

The Piqo is absolutely tiny, a cube with 2.25-inch (5.7-cm) sides. Into that cube, it packs a tiny touch panel for control, a battery that's good for five hours of video playback, a pair of speakers allegedly designed by Harman Kardon and Bose engineers, and a gravity sensor that automatically corrects the keystone distortion when you sit it on an angle and point it at a wall or ceiling.

In a dark room, you can get yourself a projected image as large as 240 in (610 cm) diagonally, which is pretty enormous. Doubtless you'll have to move it closer and use a smaller screen if you're trying to use it in a well-lit room.

It runs its own custom Android operating system, so you can use it as a standalone Netflix/Youtube/Google Play unit. But it also connects to most other devices; Apple phones, tablets and laptops through Air Play, Android gear through Chromecast-style screen mirroring, other devices including game consoles and laptops via Bluetooth. Or you can plug in an HDMI cable, MicroSD card or a flash drive. It's got 16 GB of built-in memory, so you can even save some media on the Piqo if you can't stream it.

Piqo comes with a dinky little remote control, as well as a mini tripod that makes it easy to aim. It weighs in at just 8 oz (210 g), making it an extremely portable little gadget that works as a 50-hour Bluetooth speaker when you're not watching video.

And at an early bird price of just US$325 a pop on Indiegogo (regular pricing is expected to be US$700), it has already proven incredibly popular. It's certainly one of the most fully-featured pico projectors we've come across, at an outstanding price point. The Piqo team was hoping to raise US$10,000, and it's currently sitting on nearly three quarters of a million dollars worth of sales, with just under a month of crowdfunding yet to go. Deliveries are slated to begin in March 2019 if all goes to plan.

We've hopefully got a review unit in the pipeline, but the above early bird pricing is limited.

You can check out the pitch video below.

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