City recycling programs have helped to reduce the amount of plastic waste making its way into landfills and the world's oceans, but a two-man team from France is providing a more direct approach. Their Plastic Bottle Cutter us a simple tool that lets plastic bottles be repurposed into something useful.

The device, a wooden stick with a replaceable blade, does exactly what it says on the label: it cuts plastic bottles. More precisely, it cuts plastic bottles into strings that can be weaved into various objects. For straight-edged bottle it looks as simple as peeling an orange, and if the bottle is ruffled, the user just needs to heat the bottle and stretch it out to make it smooth.

Although not exactly a new idea, the Cutter innovates by packing the concept into a compact, practical device. There is no need for a special table, reel, and other more complex instruments. And it's easy to keep in a shelf or glove box as it measures only 14 cm x 2.5 cm (5.5" x 1") and weighs only 115 g (0.25 lb).

The device can turn out strings of various widths, which can be upcycled into all sorts of objects, such as brooms, baskets and door curtains. Demonstrating the strength of the strings, the video below even shows them being used as a car towing strap.

Cutting up the bottles also reduces the space they take up, so it can help users better manage their plastic waste while they wait for inspiration.

A Kickstarter campaign has well and truly surpassed it's initial goal, with still a month left to run. The minimum pledge still remaining to reserve a Plastic Bottle Cutter is €20 (US$22), with delivery estimated for June 2016 if all goes to plan.

The video below shows the device in action and some possible applications for the recycled plastic strings.

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