A couple of years ago, the idea of a Porsche station wagon would have seemed absurd. But the Panamera Sport Turismo did indeed happen, and now we have something even stranger: an all-electric AWD Porsche wagon for on/off road. Building on the Mission E sedan that's on its way to production, Porsche's rugged new performance estate concept brings adventurers and gear out to forests, deserts and waterways without leaving a puff of emissions behind.

When we first laid eyes on the new Mission E Cross Turismo, it immediately brought flashbacks of the Audi Nanuk Quattro/Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour – a fast, powerful sports car designed to move effortlessly from track laps to dirt road runs. The Cross Turismo doesn't look quite as fast given its larger body type, but as it turns out, it's actually more powerful and quicker thanks to its 600-hp dual-motor electric powertrain. It can fire from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.5 seconds, three-tenths quicker than the 2013 Nanuk Quattro. Porsche says it'll hit 124 mph (200 km/h) in under 12 seconds.

Unlike a smaller sports car, the Cross Turismo isn't solely about a fast, lively ride, it's just as much about the destination. Porsche imagines the four-seat estate hauling friends and gear to adventurous destinations around the map. It's added a rail storage system in the trunk and a rear-seat ski/snowboard pass-through to ensure that all types of gear arrive comfortably and intact. There's even a trunk-docked drone to pop out and film all your exploits.

Porsche imagines the Cross Turismo facing all types of terrain and conditions and has equipped it accordingly. The demand-controlled all-wheel drive with torque vectoring maintains traction no matter what's under the tires, and the adaptable air suspension can add up to 1.9 in (50 mm) of ground clearance to keep the underbody rolling safely over obstacles. The concept also includes Porsche's all-wheel steering technology and dynamic chassis control for added control and precision.

You may think the electric powertrain will limit how far the Cross Turismo can venture out, but it can actually reach all destinations within 311 miles (500 km) or so without having to stop for a recharge. The 800-volt fast-charging architecture allows for 250 miles (402 km, NEDC) of charge to be added within about 15 minutes, and the underbody lithium-ion battery can also be charged via a home dock or wireless induction. Porsche promises that the design maintains a continuous power level that allows for multiple launches in succession without degraded performance.

Styling-wise, the Mission E Cross Turismo is predictably a Mission E-inspired face on a Sport Turismo body, but it also has a touch of rally car thrown in courtesy of the higher ground clearance, flared black fenders and beefy 275/40 R 20 tires. It's clearly a wagon that isn't afraid to get dirty.

The Cross Turismo is far from a basic rally car inside, though. Porsche puts the focus on digital technology, splashing the dashboard with digital displays, including a curved instrument panel and dedicated passenger display. Both these displays use eye-tracking tech to keep the information most relevant front and center, according to where the user's eyes focus. Other information then fades into the backdrop.

Touch technology also features prominently, on the steering wheel, center console, and control pads integrated into the window panels and air vents. The smart cabin automatically sets lighting, climate and other inputs based on preferences and driving situation, and the driver can also opt to preset certain options via mobile app. The Cross Turismo's app includes a new destination function that can make destination suggestions, help with reservations, plan out the route and even tailor chassis settings to the trip at hand.

'The Mission E Cross Turismo is an expression of how we envision the all-electric future," says Oliver Blume, Porsche AG CEO. "It combines sportiness and everyday practicality in unique style. Our vehicle will be fast to drive, but also quick to recharge and able to replicate its performance time after time."

Porsche is already working on its first electric car based on the 2015 Mission E, and it isn't discounting the possibility of a Cross Turismo-style model. "The Mission E Cross Turismo gives an insight into how a series-production Turismo variant with cross-utility attributes suitable in equal measure for traveling, everyday life, and adventure could look," says the company.

Fast to drive, quick to recharge, and good for traveling, everyday life and adventure – that's an electric future we look forward to seeing. In the meantime, the video below flashes a visual preview.

Source: Porsche

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