Porsche is opening up a whole new world of personalization options with its Second Skin service, which lets you choose a design wrap for your car through an online configurator, for somewhere between €4,000-6,000 (US$4,500-6,800). Oh, and it's not just for Porsches.

If you've got the dough for such cosmetic indulgences, wraps are great. They allow you to completely redesign the look of your car to something much more unique while quietly protecting the paint underneath and the associated resale value. With Second Skin, Porsche is aiming to make this process an absolute breeze.

It's an online service. You find your car, then choose a new look for it, then put your order in, and when the foils are ready, somebody will come and pick up your car in a van, go away and wrap it, then bring it back. Alternatively, you can drive to the nearest provider yourself.

The designs available at the moment are pretty basic, and for now there are only four cars ready to go in the online configurator – a couple of 911s and a couple of 718s. Wraps currently in the system range from simple solid colors, to some nice subtle two-tone black-on-black jobs like this:

To some slightly more adventurous stripey looks, like the one in the headline photo up top, to more interesting pixellated designs:

And finally to a Martini race-inspired collection of wraps:

But eventually, there are going to be a ton more cars to work with, including non-Porsche models, and an expanding range of designer looks that could potentially take things right out there. As an example, check out this race livery implemented through the Second Skin program, featuring a collection of works by New York Pop Artist Richard Phillips:

Really, once this system is up and running properly, there shouldn't be any reason why you couldn't upload a picture of your own ugly mug and have it wrapped around your car – or anything else, for that matter.

Second Skin becomes available as of July.

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