Ever fancied thrashing a brand-new Porsche Cayenne through some of the world's most spectacular and exotic locations? That's what's on offer in Porsche's "World Expedition 2018," a rally-style driving tour that takes in six continents over 80 days and tens of thousands of kilometers. Think of it as WRC meets The Amazing Race.

Porsche's latest driving experience has certainly been conceived on a grand scale. Laid out much like the stages in a traditional rally, the goal of each of the six stages, or "expeditions," is to complete the course in a specific time frame (though in a very un-rally-like twist, bonus time is awarded if teams choose to post photos, videos, streams or tweets onto social media).

The first stage starts in May 2018 in Australia where the participants will drive over 5,000 kilometers (3,000 mi) from Brisbane to Perth. In other countries – some 20 in all – participants will get to experience such far-flung dots on the map as Cancun, Johannesburg, Shangri-La, Buenos Aires and Europe's northernmost point, the North Cape.

Porsche says that the expedition will allow participants to push the boundaries of the vehicles as well as themselves in a variety of challenging driving experiences, with a crew on hand to provide support.

Only 28 spots are available for each expedition and pricing is available on application (read "it won't be cheap"). For those of us who need not apply, there's at least a taste of the experience on offer in the photo gallery and the video below.

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