When you work away from your home, packing nutritious lunches can be a real chore. The Prepd Pack, however, is a lunchbox that's been reimagined to make your day's middle meal more manageable. It boasts modular containers, magnetic cutlery and a tasty look to boot.

We've seen other takes on the lunchbox previously, such as the Compleat FoodSkin and Compleat FoodBag, both from Unikia. Whereas these both focused on making transporting food easier, however, the Prepd Pack is ultimately aimed at helping users live a healthier lifestyle.

It seeks to do this by giving users better control over what they eat. Measuring 9.5 x 7.3 x 2.1 in (24.1 x 18.5 x 5.3 cm), it comes with a variety of containers that can be arranged in different combinations depending on the user's daily lunch needs.

The containers are food-safe, dishwasher-friendly and safe to freeze and microwave, as well as sealable and leak-proof. It's possible to buy multiple containers for batch preparation of the week's meals.

The pack comes with a knife, a fork and spoon, which stick together magnetically. They are slotted into a loop on the underside of the Prepd Pack lid for unobtrusive storage. The lid, meanwhile, opens out flat with an integrated silicone eating mat.

An accompanying app for Android and iOS allows users to browse meal plans for the week ahead, output shopping lists, and follow recipes to fit the Prepd Pack containers. This helps to minimize food waste. The app also allows for the tracking of nutritional information, while an online community allows users to save and share recipes, as well as to curate their own meal plans.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Prepd Pack is ongoing. At the time of writing, it's possible individuals who pledge from US$50 to receive one of the lunchboxes, assuming all goes to plan with the roll-out. Shipping is expected from June.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for the Prepd Pack.

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