I’d love to be a kid again. Seriously. The technology age has delivered children all manner of sophisticated toys and games, think Nintendo, Playstation and Wii ... just to name a few. Now, they even have a variety of mini digital cameras to choose from, including the Kid Tough camera and the Preschooler’s digital camera. The Preschooler’s camera is a kid-tough unit that is suitably sized for small hands, can take photographs and video, and has a fixed-focus lens - so kids simply line up their shot and press a button.

The camera is covered in a thick, plastic case and has kid-sized, solid rubber handholds. These handholds are designed to fit the whole hand, rather than just the fingers, to ensure that junior doesn’t drop the camera. The 0.3MP image sensor takes 640 x 480 resolution pictures and 320 x 240 resolution videos.

When the child shoots an image, it is displayed on the 1-inch color display. The 16MB memory will hold up to 150 JPEG images and three and a half minutes of AVI video. Images and video can be downloaded to Windows using the included USB cable.

Suitable for ages three and up, the camera includes editing software and four AA batteries. Its dimensions are 5.5 inches L x 2.75 inches W x 3.75 inches D. The unit weighs 12oz and is priced at US$59.95. It's available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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