Promotional V8 BBQ that brands the food it cooks

Promotional V8 BBQ that brands the food it cooks
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August 7, 2006 Almost exactly a year after the 345 horsepower, 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine powered Barbeque which became an all-time Gizmag favourite (read more than 500,000 times) comes another custom V8 BBQ from Muscle Car BBQ Grills with several significant differences for companies wishing to show some promotional flair: it uses genuine parts to create a very authentic final result (your choice of Chevrolet, Ford, Oldsmobile or Hemi valve covers), it comes with the pistons of your choice as the controls, and you can have your logo fashioned into the surface of the grill at regular intervals so you can quite literally brand all the food cooked on the BBQ with your distinctive trademark.

Firstly, let’s get things straight – it’s a V8 themed BBQ rather than a V8-powered BBQ like the featured Hemi of twelve months ago. You can order this one to run on charcoal or propane.

Similarly, though you can have your BBQ in the shape of a V8, there’s almost unlimited choice in terms of the final result. Muscle Car BBQ Grills proprietor Steve Barker reports that he recently produced a BBQ in the shape of a newspaper vending machine and is just starting work on a BBQ in the shape of a Baby Grand Piano.

“The newspaper vending machine was for newspaper in Indiana that wanted a specialist promotional BBQ”, said Steve. “They sent me a vending machine and I gtutted it, turned it into a BBQ and sent it back to them complete with the newspaper logo all over the surface of the grill – so they could brand the food cooked with their masthead.”

“The Baby Grand is next but we’re always up for a challenge and we’re happy to quote on making a BBQ out of almost anything.

“For the V8 model, the Base model costs US$1300 and all parts come powder coated to 900 degrees in the colour of your choice and it can say whatever you want on the grill’s surface, we use Wiseco pistons on the gas controls and the smoke comes out the headers and it makes a great promotional item for the automotively-inclined.

“After that, well you can have anything you want in terms of options. The Hemi version costs more because of the cost of the Hemi Valve covers but then there’s special LED lighting that can be fitted for night grilling, and we even have a CD MP3 player option that fits inside of a waterproof boat box and a remote control so you can play music whilst grilling too.

“A few weeks ago we did one with a 671 blower and a self-opening lid – we kinda only ever deal with eccentric customers in our business so don’t be shy about asking for something special,” he grins.

“The one you’re looking at was built for HARDCORE RACING in Flint, Michigan. Thats why it says HARDCORE on the steak. “

Steve is planning on a web site in the near future and as soon as it’s up, we’ll list it in this article. In the meantime, if you wish to order one, you’ll need to call MUSCLE CAR BBQ GRILLS direct on (Ohio) 419-433-6130 or email them here. If you live in Ohio, the business can be found at 350 Ontario Street, Huron, Ohio 44839.

BBQs can be turned around inside a week for a V8 model and custom designs take a little longer.

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