One of the most innovative features of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is its ability to stream games to other Sony devices over Wi-Fi. This was previously limited to the company’s PlayStation Vita handheld and PlayStation TV micro console. With the release of a corresponding app on the Google Play Store, owners of the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet can now also get access to the feature.

While pushing the PS4’s picture to the tiny PlayStation TV box provides an easy way to access your next-gen games from another room, using Remote Play with the PS Vita brings with it one significant problem – namely, issues with the handheld’s controls. The Vita’s lack of secondary shoulder triggers makes playing certain genres, most notably first person shooters, a little less than ideal (you have to use virtual buttons on the system’s rear touch panel).

Using Remote Play on Xperia smartphones and tablets could well be the best way to experience the feature, as it doesn’t require you to hook up a secondary TV set, and still lets you use the excellent DualShock 4 controller.

If you have all the required gear, then you’ll be happy to learn that the company has also produced a couple of accessories with the aim of improving the experience. The BSC10 Bluetooth Speaker Dock boosts audio and turns Xperia devices into a miniature display, while the Game Control Mount holds the Xperia device and DualShock 4 together, creating a genuine alternative to using the service on the Vita.

Additionally, if you’re still holding on to Sony’s older Xperia Z2 smartphone or Z2 Tablet, then you won't be left out: Remote Play functionality will become available on those devices in the coming weeks.

Xperia Z3 owners can get in on the fun by downloading the PS4 Remote Play app from the Play Store.

Source: Sony

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