There’s been a lot of focus over the years on the dangers of bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles, which is understandable given that baby safety is foremost in parents’ minds. So what would a safety-conscious parent think of the Pureray ultraviolet baby bottle concept – a bottle with an inbuilt ultraviolet lamp that's supposed to kill nasty germs and bugs?

The Pureray concept was developed by Hwa-yong Shin & Hannah Kim and features an ultraviolet lamp on the base and an amplification pipe up the middle. It works like this - the battery-powered cap of the bottle is screwed on to the base of the bottle where it transmits infrared rays through the amplification pipe. The nipple end of the bottle is unscrewed and then inserted into the bottle for disinfection purposes. The inside of the bottle and the nipple is then disinfected using ultraviolet rays.

This isn’t the first time we've heard of using UV for sterilizing and disinfecting common household items. We’ve covered everything from a UV pacifier sterilizer to a wand-shaped personal sterilizer and a dishwasher that has an in-built UV lamp.

While I'm fine with using UV technology for sterilizing some things, I would have to be convinced that it is 100 percent safe before I put that bottle anywhere near a baby's mouth. Personally, I would be sticking to more conventional sterilizing techniques for the time being.

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