Thanks to the miniaturization of electronics and wireless technology, detailed cardiovascular monitoring no longer requires a visit to the doctor's clinic or a hospital. A new wave of cardiovascular monitoring devices can be carried or worn by patients as they go about their daily routine, with the collected data able to be transmitted wirelessly to healthcare professionals and family members. Healthcare company Qardio has unveiled two such devices that allow patients suffering, or at risk of developing cardiovascular conditions, to better monitor their health.

The first device is the QardioCore, which takes the form of a strap worn around the torso to provide continuous electrocardiogram (EKG) monitoring, heart rate, physical activity and skin temperature. Less likely to tie users in knots than the ViSi Mobile vital signs monitor, Qardio has eliminated wires, buttons, patches and gels to produce a device that clips on underneath clothing so can be worn throughout the day to provide continuous monitoring.

Qardio's other new offering is the QardioArm, which monitors blood pressure – both systolic (during heart beats) and diastolic (between heart beats) – as well as heart rate. Designed to fit around the upper arm when in use, the QardioArm is more noticeable than the QardioCore. However, it isn't intended for continuous monitoring but for taking measurements at intervals throughout the day. As such, Qardio says it can be folded up and carried in a pocket or purse.

Paper-based notes and EKG readings are a thing of the past with both devices automatically turning themselves on before connecting to an iOS mobile device or desktop dashboard. Collected data is then crunched into easy-to-understand charts to give both patients and their doctors a clear and complete picture of the former’s cardiovascular health.

"Instead of having to adapt your life to sensors and medical devices, you now have a medical tracking system that fits effortlessly into your life. We have created technologies and solutions that make healthcare personal, the way it should be," says Qardio CEO Marco Peluso in a press release.

Qardio says both products are slated for a late 2013 release.

Source: Qardio

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