Qubies: a quick and easy way to freeze baby food

Qubies: a quick and easy way t...
Qubies ice-cube tray
Qubies ice-cube tray
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Qubies ice-cube tray
Qubies ice-cube tray

May 8, 2008, There are so many amazing milestones that occur during baby’s first year, one of which is their graduation to eating solid food. However, fascination soon turns to contempt when you spend hours cooking and pureeing wonderful but weird-colored meals and you can’t manage to pour them into the individual sections of the ice-cube tray! Or worse, you try and get the cubes of frozen mush out and the whole ice-cube tray shatters.

Alexandra Wardle, an Australian mother and inventor, has literally turned the ice-cube world upside down with her clever and inventive solution to freezing baby food. Qubies ice-cube tray is unique because it has the divider on the lid. Instead of trying to pour baby goop into a standard ice-cube tray, you simply fill the container, press on the lid and pop it in the freezer. A few hours later you will have a tray of 30 ml (about 1 fl. oz.) cubes of baby food ready for junior’s dinner. Qubies come in two color choices (aqua and lime) and the dividers are made from non-stick silicone so removing meal-sized portions is simply a case of peeling back the lid and giving the Qubies a quick twist. Left-over cubes can go in a freezer bag or left in the tray for the next mealtime. Qubies can also be used for regular ice-cube making and are dishwasher-safe, but can also be cleaned with hot soapy water.

Qubies retail at AUD$16.95 (approx. USD$16 at time of publication) + shipping costs and readers outside Australia can order online. Not a huge amount for one less hassle at mealtimes.

See Qubies for more details.

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